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About Me

Good Food makes me happy.


Hi I'm Tove and I love to cook and bake for my friends and family.

Some people go through life eating to live. In my household we live to eat good and mostly healthy foods. Life is way to short to eat bad or tasteless foods.

I grew up in a household where my mom had dinner ready at 6pm every night. Most food was made from scratch - that was the way my mom learned it from her mom back in the days. Even though my mom was working full time she still had the dinner ready every night. My dad worked two jobs, so they made it work. 

My parents loved gardening, their pride was a beautiful flower garden and a big vegetable garden. They grew potatoes, onions, beets, leeks, celery roots, green beans, peas and a lot of different berries including strawberries. Separating the vegetable garden and the flower garden, was two beautiful apple trees. I have many fond memories sitting in the shade of the Apple trees, having big family lunches or reading a book to start the summer vacation after a hard semester at collage.

I grew up learning to can and pickle to make produce last long into the winter months. 

Life in Copenhagen suburbia wasn’t a walk in the park, but looking back it looked kinda rosie.

When I turned 37 my husband got a job offer, that he really wanted to explore. This meant that my version of Copenhagen suburbia came to an end and Silicon Valley here we come!

I’ve been cooking and baking for most of my life. Even my education was food related.  

I have always been a Foodie, but moving to a food mekka as San Francisco/ Bay Area lit a fire in me. I always have to perfect my dishes. 

How could I make the best rye bread? As a Dane I need my open-face sandwich on Scandinavian/German style rye bread. 

How could I make a real “wienerbrød” (danish)?  The chrispy flaky sweet danish you can get at a real bakery back home.

This blog is my attempt to show the world, or a tiny corner of it, what I’m up to, and what rocks my world. I hope you’ll enjoy my journey here on this blog.

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