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I use the metric system in my blog for different reasons.

  • I grew up in Denmark and we use the metric system.
  • When you bake you need to be accurate, and imperial messurements are not very accurate. Try to weigh a cup of all-purpose flour sifted and unsifted, there is a big difference. 

I will be using table- and teaspoons measurements.


Conversion Charts




Tips & Tricks:

Potaske is Potassium carbonate (K₂CO₃). You can replace potaske with Baking Soda, but the cookies won't be as crispy.

Natron is Baking Soda. 

Hjortetaksalt is Ammonium bicarbonate (NH₄HCO₃). You can get it here


1 pack of danish live yeast is 50 g, equivalent to 1 pack of Danish dry yeast, 11.8 g.

1 pack of Danish dry yeast is 11.8 g, which is equivalent to 4 teaspoons dry yeast.

1 pack of fleischmann's dry yeast contains 7 g.


½ cup butter = 1 stick = 113.4 g