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Pork Roast Sandwich - Flæskestegssandwich

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Pork Roast Sandwich - Flæskestegssandwich

Pork Roast Sandwich - Flæskestegssandwich

We had a BBQ this weekend, and we served flæskestegssandwiches aka pork roast sandwiches. It was way easier than serving burgers. You don't need to flip burgers at the hot grill all day. Just make the bread/buns, red cabbage and danish cucumber salad in advance and grill the roast, before the guests arrives. Then you just need to slice the roast, whenever you are ready to eat. This sandwich is a crowd pleaser.

 In Denmark you can get pork roast sandwich at good hotdog stands (Pølsevogne), and it’s the perfect hangover food.



Toast and slice the bread, and assemble the sandwich to you’re liking. I love a bit of miracle whip, pork roast, red cabbage and some cucumber salad in mine.